Monday, November 13, 2006

New post

I really cannot think of much to write although, after reading several other blogs (using the very nice 'next blog' button) I have determined that having something to say is in no way a prerequisite for blogging. The camera which was supposed to arrive today, for my wife's blog ( will not arrive until tomorrow. This is cutting it rather close as we have reservations for Mozza tomorrow night. This is Batali's new restaurant in LA, his first here actually. Tomorrow is the opening and I wanted to get her a camera before then. Hoping it arrives tomorrow. I realize that, rather than typing in the address within the post, I could probably put a hyperlink to it. This would allow any to just click and be directed there, unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this. Maybe I should take the time now to figure it out. (Can you tell I had no plan for this post before I started, or even now, several sentences later?) Hey, look at that I figured it out. You would think that since I figured it out I would go back and delete my ignorance, so as to hide my lack of technical ability. However, I have no shame and am really just to lazy. OK, this is quite enough


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