Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Up and running

Success! The camera for my wife's blog has arrived. I had to wait out in front of my building because we don't have a house phone (really, who has those anymore?) and the buzzer doesn't ring the cell phone. So I sat out, drinking coffee, reading the Journal and having a cig. No matter, it has arrived and she is up and running. Check out her blog when you get a chance. We are very excited currently as we have a table at Mozza in just a couple of hours. Primarily though, I thought to describe our upcoming, annual pilgrimage to Seattle for Thanksgiving. As usual, we will arrive a couple of days early and stay an extra day or two to fit in all of our requisite stops at some of Seattle's finest eateries. I will skip the standard steakhouse, The Met is probably the best in Seattle (Tuesday) and focus on things unique to the city. On Wednesday morning, we will head to Salumi. This is Mario's father's place. Such a shame to describe the owner in relation to his son. Unfortunately there are simply too few people out there who would instantly understand if you told them you were going to see Armandino. I am conflicted however. I typically get the lamb proscuitto, if they have it, but have been reading about the culatello and am drawn by the curiosity of trying something new. Especially something new that can rarely be found outside of Northern Italy, to which I have yet to travel. I think Elliot's is on the list as a result of their excellent happy hour ($3 martini's) and my wife's penchant for oysters (I am not a fan.) The Frontier Room, in the now trendy Belltown area has great pulled pork sandwiches. This will probably be our late night stop either Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course we will need to find time for Via Tribunali, maybe the best pizza in Seattle (though natives would disagree.) Then, a trip across the water to the best sushi place in Seattle, without a doubt, and maybe anywhere in the US. Sushiman is in an unlikely place. A non-descript strip mall in Issaquah, but it has the best salmon of anywhere I have ever been. They use only wild, Alaskan salmon and the owner, Bobby, is a former sumo-wrestler and often behind the bar. Of course the obligatory visits to the parents. Fortunately for me, my parents are split up so I get two Thanksgiving dinners. Both are from the midwest so no skimping on the fat or gravy. (Also fortunately for me, my parents don't have any idea what a blog is, let alone read any, so I am safe.) Always the dutiful son, I will be spending all of Thanksgiving day at my father's house. Otherwise a very enjoyable experience, I love my father very much, but this week his three sisters will be in town. (They still live in the midwest, so you can imagine.) *disclaimer* I love the midwest (sarcasm) and any comments on this site to the contrary may not necessarily be shared by the author or publishers of this blog (may not be but are.) Before I offend further, I think I will call that a post, besides Jeopardy is on.


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I can't believe you ate vivals with me tonight. You liked them, didn't you? Didn't you? I love you.

Wed Nov 15, 12:11:00 AM  
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