Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Looks like we made it

It is true, we have arrived safely into Seattle just last evening. Fortunately we had the foresight to pick up some sushi to take with us on the flight. Kind of surprised that no one threw fit about the soy sauce. We did have to drink the miso down in the cab though. Anyway, no matter, we are here.
As soon as we arrived at the hotel, dropped our stuff off in the room, which was surprisingly large and nicely put together, we were off to dinner. I say surprising not because the room was just nice. We nearly always stay at the Alexis when we are in town because all of the rooms are very well done. The nice thing is they are also nearly all different and we got an exceptionally nice one this time.
Our first stop in Seattle, Frontier Room in Belltown. Fairly quite, it being a Tuesday evening, we found a booth in the back, bar area. It is a very interesting space. One of these long narrow restaurants, it opens up into a bar in the back with cow skin booths along one wall and a long, communal table running down the middle of the room. Against the far wall is stacked a large pile of fire wood.
The two of us being new to flogging, we made a rather rookie mistake and ordered the same thing. Can you blame us though really. This place has one of the best pulled pork sandwiches in Seattle. Granted this is not a heated competition. The pork was just a bit dry but this is no doubt incentive to add great amounts of their terrific BBQ sauce. It is spicy and just a bit sweet and goes so very well with the sandwiches. Truly the sandwich is just a BBQ delivery device in this instance, as most things are in my opinion. French fries, Salmon burgers, breakfast cereal, all of them just an excuse to eat BBQ sauce. The sandwich itself is quite good though. We decided to switch the standard, cornbread side for greens and beans. The greens were a bit salty, even for collard greens but the beans were very good. Also qutie sweet and smoky. OK, I can't seem to add any more pictures so I will continue later. Besides, the left over pizza from Via Tribunali last night is calling me.


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