Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Experiment II: Pork Butt: plan of attack

I guess I should start with the corrections. Due to time constraints, that is the focus of the experiment after all, the marinating time for the first has been shortened to three hours from four. Also, because Whole Foods is a lame, stinky, whore of a food store, the meat has been changed to pork butt from shoulder. Pork butt is the more typical cut for preparing pulled pork though I prefer shoulder in most cases. It is just as tasty and less expensive. I hate whole foods in general and especially the one by our house (SM & Fairfax). It has a very poor meat selection. What store doesn’t have pork shoulder? Come on! Besides that, I asked for one pound and he sliced one that was 1.3lbs. Now I know that cutting meat is not an exact science, but if you were the employee, would you not at least ask the customer if this cut was still OK?! No such courtesy. This is truly one of the worst meat departments that I have ever frequented. We went once and they didn’t even have ground beef. No lie, how could I make up something like that? Also, their fish monger doesn’t care for monk fish. Thus they don’t stock it. Christ!
So, the WooF’s shortcomings aside, here is how I have prepared the marinade. It was really just a random assemblage of what I thought would make for a somewhat bbq experience. This is not intended to be exactly like a bbq pulled pork sandwich. Much to the disappointment of the wife. It does smell quite nice however and this is what went in.
Starting with the liquid. Two parts to one of apple juice and beef broth. Then, a healthy handful of roughly chopped garlic (probably 1/4 c.) Half a shot of Bourbon (the house B here is MM.) One Cinnamon stick, 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin, ground and, sadly, not roasted (stupid, stupid) One teaspoon of honey, half a jalapeno (though I can’t be sure that this is an accurate measure as we grow our own and they don’t get quite as large as the store bought variety. A heaping tblsp should do.) On the top go the herbs. What effect these will have, I have no idea. A small bunch each of parsley and cilantro with one sprig of tarragon. Mostly because we have such an abundance of fresh and wonderful herbs at the moment, after a weekend trip to the Farmer’s Market. Just seemed a shame not to include some. The tarragon was a gamble, admittedly, but time will tell. Kind of minty but with a bit of spice as well. Smells good anyway, though tarragon is not one of the more aromatic herbs.
So this is where they sit at the moment. Happily soaking up this slightly alcoholic elixir. Hopefully absorbing some of the herb’s wonderful qualities and, damn it! I forgot to salt. Oh well. Next time.
Don’t forget to stir two or three times a day for the longer batch.
Stay tuned for part three, the braise

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Blogger Santos said...

if you can brave the traffic at third+fairfax, then the farmers market has marconda's meat and huntington's--both carry pretty much everything you need or can get it for you. i go to marconda's because out of habit, but i think the quality at both stalls is pretty high.

for fish...i go to the chinese markets in san gabriel. or, less of a schlep is santa monica seafood. about the same price as whorefoods and the ilk, but not above carrying monkfish and everyone there is pretty nice.

Wed Dec 20, 06:16:00 PM  
Blogger 2nd-favorite said...

thanks for the heads up. I will definitely check out the meats there. Have been meaning to for a while. Thanks

Wed Dec 20, 06:45:00 PM  

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